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Offshore Belize. Offshore companies in Belize. Information
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Belize (Belize, ex. British colony) - an independent state situated in Central America for many years been the subject of diplomatic dispute between Britain and Guatemala. In 1981, the year given the status of an independent state. The territory of the state is 22, 966 square meters. km. The only country from Central America, has no outlet to the North Pacific Ocean.

Population - 287.730 (2006) people.
Main religion - Roman Catholicism 62% of the population professes.
Official language - English, the population also uses Spanish, Creole and dialect of the Maya
Political system - Parliamentary republic.
The legal system is based on English law.
Capital - Balmopan
Currency - Belizean Dollar (BZ), which is pegged to the U.S. dollar at the rate of 2 BZ / USD. In the territory of both currencies circulate.

Corporate law

The Law on the International Business Companies 1990 (International Business Companies Act 1990).

Form of

International Business Company - International Business Company (IBC). All offshore companies in Belize may be established only in the form of the International Business Companies, which by its organizational and legal status is a private company with limited liability.

The minimum capital

The authorized capital of the company is declared, the requirements for compulsory payment of a minimum and maximum size it is not


Allowed to issue registered shares and bearer shares, with or without par value, stated in any currency.


Shareholders of the company can be both legal and natural persons who are residents of any country in the world. Minimum number of shareholders - one.


Directors of companies can be both legal and natural persons who are residents of any country in the world. Minimum quantity - one director who shall have all rights, except those within the exclusive competence of shareholders (as determined by the memorandum, the charter company and / or law)

Holding of a meeting of shareholders / directors

Meetings may be held anywhere in the world, do not exclude the possibility of holding meetings via telephone. Minutes of meetings can be stored in any address specified by shareholders in the founding documents.


Company is exempted from paying taxes on profits, dividends and capital gains. She is guaranteed 100% repatriation of capital and profits from operations outside the jurisdiction. An offshore company is exempt from import duties on cars, equipment, raw materials and intermediates.

Permitted activities

Any activity not prohibited by law.

Prohibited activities

Companies established in accordance with the Law on the International Business Companies is prohibited to conduct business with residents to engage in investment in any property, other than to the content of your own office. It is also forbidden to provide services to the registered agent for the resident companies.

The deadline for registration

48 hours after all required documents.

Opportunity to purchase ready-made companies

Law is not forbidden by the acquisition of already registered companies. In Belize may move either offshore or neoffshornoy company provided proper registration of the agreement on the continuation of activities in Belize, drafting of the Memorandum on the establishment and the statute, as well as evidence of the absence of debts and obligations in the country of their previous registration.

Company Name

Must not be identical or confusingly similar to the already existing and registered the name.
Company names may be registered in any language (with the mandatory translation into English or French).
Word "Limited", "Corporation", "Incorporated", "Societe Anonyme" or "Sociedad Anomina", "Public Limited Company", "Societe", "a Responsabilite Limitee", "Berhad", "Proprietary", "Namloze Venootschap "," Besloten Venootschap "," Aktiengesellschaft "or" Limited Life Company "or reduce" Ltd "," Corp "," Inc "," SA "" PLC "," SARL "," Bhd "," Pty "," NV "," BV "," AG "or" LLC "will form part of the name of each company.

Necessary documents for registration

Memorandum on the establishment, constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association).

Legal address

Provided registered agent and must be located within the administrative territory of jurisdiction. Used only for e-mail correspondence from state authorities.

Documents stored in the registration office

The storage location of constituent and financial documents - any country in the world.

Information available on request of third parties

The law guarantees the confidentiality of the owners and directors. Information from the founding documents, copies of which are stored in the register of companies, can be represented by third parties only after a decision by a court made on the basis of the evidence of the involvement of the company to sell illegal drugs, weapons, support for terrorist activities, money laundering, resulting criminal activity.

Bank account

The law does not restrict the company in choice of banks and countries of their location, as well as the total number of accounts required for its own commercial purposes. Law, the privacy of banking companies.

Treaty on Avoidance of Double Taxation

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