Monday, 16 September 2019
M & A. A Selected and acquisitions.
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In recent years, become actual problems associated with market redistribution of property rights and a change or adjustment of development strategy. Integration processes to address such issues more often referred to as mergers and acquisitions (M & A). Such transactions require a serious and balanced approach, one must consider all aspects of integration: economic, legal, tax. In this regard, the assistance of professional consultants with high qualification and experience, will choose the best option of a merger or acquisition. An important component of the integration process is the quality preparation of documents, taking into account all the subtleties of the law.

From a legal point of view of mergers and acquisitions related to:

  • the reorganization of companies (merger, acquisition, conversion);
  • with the acquisition of assets (property complex actions);
  • with the exchange of shares (swap).

What are the main objectives consist of buyers in mergers and acquisitions?

  • Ensuring synergy (synergy means increasing the efficiency of the combined company in excess of what the two companies already serve or will serve as independent);
  • The conquest of most niche in the market or entering a new market;
  • Access to additional resources and new technologies;
  • Tax benefits;
  • Business diversification

In favor of mergers and acquisitions said that the purchase is the "turnkey" business has its own advantages over the creation of the company from scratch. After successfully completing the deal M & A, you get:

  • Existing companies with already developed a certain set of goods or services;
  • Access to an established network of suppliers, the established distribution channels;
  • A niche in the market of interest;
  • Able to obtain financing in the bank lower interest rates, as banks reluctant to credit already existing business, rather than a new project with a lot of risks;
  • Formed by staff.

Until now, the company, with rare exceptions, mergers and acquisitions carried out independently, or turn to consultants who specialize in one direction (eg, legal) and can not consider such processes in the complex. Today, when economic relations were complex and multifaceted, improved regulatory environment, increased demands on the participants of economic relations, the obvious need for a more qualitative approach to solving problems of mergers and acquisitions.

ICG offers the following services for buying and selling businesses (stages of the transaction):

  • Search for business interests or its customers.
  • Conducting training evaluation.
  • Carrying out detailed inspection of data on business (Due Diligence).
  • Preparation of investment memorandum (description of the business to an investor).
  • Negotiations.
  • The paperwork for the transaction.
  • Tax and accounting planning transaction.
  • Safety organization scheme of calculations.
  • Preparing the business for integration.
  • Courting the transaction.
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