Monday, 16 September 2019
Offshore funds
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Method investments using offshore investment fund will be the best solution for the confidentiality of investing large sums. Depending on the specific business Vashogo selected bank in Switzerland (not EU), Luxembourg (EU member), or in another country. The opening of the base of the investment fund is in the Caribbean and other offshore region, the quotation investment certificates on the local stock exchange and the "public" privelchenie capital in the Caribbean Investment Fund, which is either directly or through the European Fund or European company, Invest the money in your business in the CIS.

Than the Caribbean Investment Fund is better? Investment funds to the BVI, for example, are known enough loyalty to the "Slavic source" proishodzheniya money because they do not fall under the EU Directive, unlike the European Investment Fund, where the bank is present certain requirements for the "investor" and a source of "outside" money, especially if you actually own the investor and will not need a "real" investors.

Given that the fund otkotirovan publicly on the stock exchange, there is no need to explain how you "met" with investors - this is the main advantage of a public offering sertifikatv fund to private, even if it is organized in the offshore region. When grammotno vystoroennoy investment structure to determine the "Slavic" origin of the money is not Legal Note, or in fact be impossible - you'll look like a respectable European investor.

The basic scheme of work with the investment fund is as follows

What is a bank investment fund? How to use an investment fund to attract investment

Just note that there are two types of investment funds, the first - this is when the fund is a legal entity and is usually for investment activity receives a separate license or permit. The second type of fund - a fund without creating a legal entity, usually a bank investment fund or a fund that opened the management company (in the CIS, such as mutual funds), in fact it is a bank account with a special mode of operation, management and use of the whole procedure opysyvaetsya in a separate document - the rules of the fund.

Also in Europe there is such a service as Private Banking, in fact it is the same, only difference is in the Private Banking you sign a contract with the misuse of bank and transfer funds into a regular investment account in a bank belonging to you (rather than not by a bank investment fund managed by the bank for the benefit of investors).

Taking of Private Banking services you actually trust the bank the right to choose exactly where to invest your money, but the variant more konkertnogo direction indication of investment, including in particular your specified bank investment fund or funds.

In this case, the balance of the banking investitsonnogo fund will be found as the investors' funds and bank funds (invested in the fund program Private Banking), similar information will be contained in the statement of account of bank investment fund. Private Banking provides additional Advantages of those investors who for some reason did not want to directly advertise their participation or involvement of his company in a bank investment fund that will invest in the CIS countries.

Agree, providing a report to shareholders (or even worse - a rating agency) the balance of European companies can, where will the number of bank Private Banking contributed to the bank first class will look much better than the balance which will be attributed to riskier investments in an investment fund, regalament which involves investing in the CIS.

Thus, the bank, acting in ineresah client's Private Banking services may independently contribute to withdraw from the investment fund in case of deterioration of conjuncture, since the obligation to monitor any changes in the scheme of Private Banking vozgalagetsya to bank officer. If an investor invests directly in the bank's fund, the bank only acts as a technical partner, waiting for the customer's instructions regarding Afterwards, continue.

The difference lies in the level of profitability - direct investment compared to the Private Banking more profitable but more risky as the investor is forced to make decisions in the case of Private Banking is the bank doing naturally for an extra fee.

The scheme works with a European bank investment fund is as follows

In the diagram, the yellow in color motion sredtstv within the Eurozone. On the one hand, it increases the cost of organizing and maintaining the scheme, but it offers far more opportunities, including working with real European investors and verchurnymi investment funds, regulation does not allow direct investment in the CIS countries, all of which are zone of high risk, or, as one familiar to us American banker "Candidates bad, not even" average ", ie on a five-point scale merit evaluation 2.

Creating a "comfortable" foreign investors a tool, you can greatly expand the possibilities of attracting investment capital into their businesses, while fund usually receives a rating of the parent bank, subject to opredelennnyh conditions (between the CIS must be an intermediate investment company - otherwise the rating would be below the bank's fund and management such a fund will not always be priemelem for the bank itself).

The above-described complicated version of the scheme is designed for medium and large businesses that already has a value not only to "plant" their own money into the business, and the company's image, the ability to attract foreign investors and the real prospect of an IPO, creating an image of a public European company.

An additional advantage of bank investment fund is asset protection from a hostile takeover is unlikely raider decides to "try to pick" the assets of European bank - the resources of the parties are clearly different and the bank will always find a way to solve the problem of its assets and "invaders" - attracting evpropeysky bank as organization of the investment process, you will receive not only a tool and a business partner and guarantee a stable operation, regardless of political or other changes in your country.

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