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Belize. Best offshore in the Caribbean
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Belize is one of the most inexpensive offshore in the Caribbean. In Belize, as well as in the Seychelles are some of the lowest fixed fees for international business companies - only $ 100 per year. In this jurisdiction retains all the best that is present in other popular jurisdictions, taking as model zakondatelstov State Delaware and British Virgin Islands, providing privacy and convenience of owning and managing a company:

1) Confidential re existing business to an offshore company. In this case the bank account is not required, but recommended for complete details. Recommended that a special form of proxy, which contains phrases in context, taken to local officials and entitles you to a specific transaction and the exact amount of the transaction. The most popular way: Finally dogovovora purchase and sale of shares in a company with a deferred payment for several years. The contract is permissible to specify that the calculation can also be made in cash - in the offshore companies do not limit cash and other restrictions. The calculation can be performed in any country. Notarization is not required, because one of the parties is a legal entity with a seal. If necessary, dany contract of sale (gift, exchange) of corporate rights can be notarized and legalized at the place of incorporation.

2) participation of foreign companies in various tenders. In this case, it is recommended to open a bank account before filing an application with a bank in which the procedure quickly. Once the tendency to be won, you can look at other banks: you have to be as subject to talk with bankers to discuss naimbolee advantageous conditions of service of your cash flow.

3) participation as a "confidential" investor, shareholder, etc.. A convenient way to not explain where he got the individual funds to purchase the plant. Used successfully for many years.

4) the participation of an offshore company as a trading partner. The classic one, leaving in the past. She rarely used alone. As a rule, replaced by a multi-level trade intermediaries.

5) independent activity of an offshore company in the service sector and non-marketed transaction. Used by actors, athletes, writers, artists to receive royalties and fees or finance these projects, performing the function of an anonymous "purse" for expenses and costs, which it is desirable not to advertise publicly for different reasons ..

Suschestuvuyut also many other ways to benefit from its offshore company bank account that we are willing to discuss in detail during a personal meeting or to continue with the consultations on Skype. All of our customers, we present letters of recommendation for opening bank accounts in Switzerland and the EU, including for offshore companies.

As nominee director and shareholder of the company are always outside of Belize - provides maximum privacy and protection of company ownership information about the owners.

Belize starts to use more and sprosomv CIS countries due to a clear position of the authorities to sohranieniyu privacy of ownership and information on beneficiaries of the company. In view of this jurisdiction is often used of the Internet business, ownership of shares and stakes in large companies and holdings, as well as the legal basis for "the family purse" - the use of an offshore company in Belize is now one of the most successful business solutions in terms of price / quality service in the Caribbean.

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