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Belize. Joined the company in Belize. Prices for services
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Register offoshornoy company in Belize (Belize) "to order" if it is recommended for your situation, there are specific reasons that the company was called exactly as you want. For the goal is not a company, and not like a brand name of an offshore company - and get paid as soon as possible no expense, right? Therefore, the optimal solution yavletsya buying ready-made company. If you do decide to register a new company, you should consider the following points: when you register a Belize company name should not be identical or confusingly similar to the already existing and registered the name.

Quite often when checking names first check the availability of free domain zone. COM - corporate e-mail now yavleetsya standard even for offshore jurisdictions. Company names may be registered in any language (rekomendetsya traditional English and console Limited or LTD). U.S. console Inc. and Sorp. Recently, due to a special love for the United States has become less popular .. Word "Limited", "Corporation", "Incorporated", "Societe Anonyme" or "Sociedad Anomina", "Public Limited Company", "Societe", "a Responsabilite Limitee", "Berhad", "Proprietary", "Namloze Venootschap "," Besloten Venootschap "," Aktiengesellschaft "or" Limited Life Company "or reduce" Ltd "," Corp "," Inc "," SA "" PLC "," SARL "," Bhd "," Pty "," NV "," BV "," AG "or" LLC "will form part of the name of each company. We can also check the company name as a serial number (123456789 Limited╩ or a combination of multiple consoles ... SA, LTD). Company name can not contain the following or similar words: "Assurance", "Bank", "Building Society", "Chamber of Commerce", "Chartered", "Cooperative", "Imperial", "Insurance", "Municipal", " Royal "," Trust ". You can use abbreviations.
Standard recommended capital: 50.000 USD, for a large amount of capital shall be charged a one-time high and an annual fee ranging from $ 1000
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