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Ready-made companies in Belize 2010. Order online
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Ready made offshore companies in Belize is constantly being updated, the cost of redundancy for 1 week is $ 100. Registration takes 20-30 minutes.

When you purchase from us is an offshore company or offshore company registration, "to order" in Standard Included Parts available:

  • Certificate of Incorporation: certificate of incorporation. Is analogous to our certificate of incorporation.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association. Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association.
  • Resolution of the Subscriber: decision of the founder to appoint a Registered Agent (Secretary) and the company's registered office and issue of shares.
  • Minutes of First Meeting Minutes of the first meeting of the shareholders - Resolution to appoint directors of the company.
  • statement by the Director of taking on responsibilities for managing the enterprise
  • signed by the nominee director resignation without date
  • blank, signed a decision to appoint a new director without date
  • Declaration of the Trust - Trust letterhead declaration of trust ownership of shares in a nominee shareholder
  • contract for the provision of nominee services
  • Share Transfer Forme. blank form of transfer of shares, signed by the nominee shareholder
  • Grant Certificate: blank deed of gift of 100% stake, signed by the nominee shareholder
  • Power of Attorney: General Power of Attorney
  • Seal: round seal of the company.
  • Reference Letter. A letter of recommendation to open a bank account

Download a list of ready-made offshore companies in 2010
registered in Belize City (Belize)
in Adobe Acrobat format

If for some reason you are unable to download a list of ready-made offshore , please send a request to our managers, vospolzovashis SSL secure online order form or via email. You can also ask the confidentiality of any question to our experts - Our site uses 256-bit SSL encryption when transmitting any information that provides Safety when and podvterzhdeno Certificate GeoTrust Rapid SSL.

A summary of the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands

Belize - a country in Central America, south-east of the Yucatan Peninsula. Borders with Mexico and on the west by Guatemala. East coast of Belize is washed by the Caribbean Sea.

Form of government - a constitutional monarchy. Head of State - Queen of Great Britain, represented by Governor-General. Executive power is exercised by the Government, headed by the Prime Minister. He became party leader, won a plurality in parliamentary elections which are held every 5 years. Legislative power is vested in the bicameral National Assembly. Belize - a member of the British Commonwealth.

Company Type International business company
Share capital The minimum capital is not installed. Recommended - $ 50 000. Paid up capital is not set
Assessment and reporting A fixed annual fee. Provision of financial statements and the audit is not required
More Requires a minimum of one shareholder and director. There may be individuals or legal entities. Residents or nonresidents. Chance of nominee service and are available bearer shares. The standard form of the statute allows the company to conduct any activities not prohibited by applicable law and does not require additional licensing
Privacy Policy The law guarantees the confidentiality of the owners and directors. Information from the founding documents, copies of which are stored in the register of companies, can be represented by third parties only after a decision by the Court
Ready made companies Always keep is available. Simplified procedure for change of ownership within the hour. Can be delivered to any region of courier and open an account without a visit to the bank

State duty are exempt from tax for offshore companies registered in Belize, you must pay before 31 July each year.

Package of services when buying ready-made company (shelf offshore company), includes payment of government fees, provision of registered office and agent services within one year from the date of registration. The cost of extending the company must be fully paid for the calendar 60 days prior to renewal date. Prodeleniya date the company is the first day of the twelfth month from the date of incorporation (or the date of annual renewal.

The cost of ready-made company and opening a bank account of envy from your chosen bank and the age of the company - allowing you to choose to fit your problem the best option and to start work immediately. Encourage you to read also our special offers by banks. Since the rates for additional services, you can find at this link . You can also open a bank account on your own - we will provide, if necessary, the packet identification of nominee directors and shareholders in the bank you choose in accordance with banking requirements.

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