Sampo Bank (United Kingdom). Opening an account in Sampo Bank

Founded in 1992. Original name of the Estonian Foreksbank. In 1996, merged with Raebankom in 1998 - with the Estonian investment bank. In December 1998, the Bank has received the name "Optiva." In 2000, Sampo Finance LTd acquires shares of Optiva Bank and 29 December 2000 the bank has the official name of Sampo Bank. 100% owner of the Bank is a Danish group Danske Bank.

The paperwork done in the office of ICG. Submission of supporting transaction documents (invoices, contracts) are not required at a constant cooperation. To open an account requires the existents of a trustee and a beneficiary in our office. We are authorized by a representative-agent Campo bank in Russia.

  • - Euro, U.S. dollar and other currencies (through multi)
  • - Corporate debit cards - Visa, MasterCard;
  • - Anonymous debit cards-Noname Maestro
  • - Account maintenance fee - 200 euro per year;
  • - Commission for the translation - about 10-20 euros, regardless of the amount
  • - Account management via Internet Banking.

Documents for opening an account:

  • Certificate of registration / check-out register (Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Organization),

  • Articles of Association or Memorandum (Memorandum and Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, By-Laws, Operating Agreement or Articles of Organisation),

  • The document, which includes the owners of the company (Memorandum and Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, By-Laws, Operating Agreement or Articles of Organisation, registered share certificate, extracts from the commercial register (unless of course recording of the shareholders / owners in the case provided), extracts from the registers of securities (if the shares / units must be registered in the registers), confirmed by the authorized representatives of the firm extracts from the book of shareholders / the list of shareholders / members, etc.). If the owners of firms are legal entities, it is necessary to provide documents on natural persons (name, date of birth), for which there are legal entities-owners.

  • Document the selection / appointment of Director / Directors (Operating Agreement, Statement of Incorporator, Initial resolution of the Members, Shareholder Declaration, Certificate ets.)

  • Documents confirming powers persons (Minutes of the First Meeting of the Directors, Resolution of the Board of the Directors / Members, Power o Attorney) If the Director is another firm, the company director must submit Apostille Certificate of Good Standing (sworn to be the signature the person issuing the document).

  • If the country of registration is an agent who is endowed with rights to represent the legal person, the necessary certificate of appointment of an agent (Operating Agreement, Certificate, etc.)

  • If the firm was founded more than a year ago, you must provide a document attesting that the firm is active and it has paid all required payments to the country of registration, for example, annual fee or royalty (eg, Certificate of Good Standing).

  • A passport agent.

  • Apostillated power of attorney to a representative.

More information about the bank's tariffs are available on the website of the bank