Monday, 30 November 2020
Aizkraukles Bank (Latvia). Open an account at the Bank for offshore Aizkraukles
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Aizkraukles Bank (Aizkraukles Bank) is among the five largest commercial banks in Latvia, the main financial indicators - assets, equity capital, the volume of deposits. Aizkraukles Bank - a universal bank offering a wide range of modern banking services to businesses and individuals. The possibility of remote account management (fax, "Client-Bank╩, ╚Internet-Banking╩), competitive rates allocated to each customer of the bank three contacts - personal account managers (experience in the bank - not less than 3 years), the regime of the bank, as adapted to the needs of customers - all this is the basis for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation between the bank with its customers.

Service offered by JSC "Aizkraukles Bank to its clients, includes conducting payment - and documentary operations, converting all kinds of currencies, including the" soft ", and operations of commercial and travelers' checks, providing customers a full range of bank payment cards leading international payment systems, the possibility of placing surplus funds on deposit and investment accounts and conduct other banking transactions.

International financial magazine Global Finance Magazine has announced the winners of its review of the World's Best Banks 2009 - the best banks around the world in 11 categories, and the best banks in 123 countries. The list of the best banks on and Aizkraukles banka, which is recognized as the best bank in Latvia. The Bank has many years of successful experience in serving corporate customers - private companies that are in the stage of growth and need financial partner, or companies interested in investing available funds in new profitable projects. Our Bank offers its corporate customers exceptional service in the investment field, and, moreover, related banking products and services necessary for the effective life of the company. The aim of the bank - building long-term trusting relationships based on deep understanding of business and current financial needs of our customers. A unique service model AB.LV this helps.

Each customer of the bank serves small single largest team of private bankers. Such teams are united in divisions on a geographical basis (Latvian customers abroad - depending on your country of residence). Under this system, each customer is guaranteed an individual the highest quality service for more information about the bank you can get in our office. To open an account requires the existents of a trustee and a beneficiary in our office. We are an official of Representatives Aizkraukles bank.

  • - Euro, U.S. dollar and other currencies (through multi)
  • - Corporate debit cards - Visa, MasterCard;
  • - Anonymous debit cards-Noname Maestro
  • - Account maintenance fee - 200 euro per year;
  • - Commission for the translation - about 15-25 euros, regardless of the amount
  • - Account management via Internet Banking.

More information about the bank's tariffs are available on the website of the bank

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