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Snoras Bank (Lithuania). Open an account at the Bank for offshore Snoras
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SNORAS Bank is a member of one of the largest Russian financial group. When servicing the accounts of nonresidents to the fullest extent uchityvyyutsya features and suggestions for its clients and beneficiaries of the CIS. The Russian language is one of the official languages of the bank along with Lithuanian and English. Over 17 years of SNORAS has become one of the largest banks in Lithuania. Winner of the most extensive and modern in the country's territorial service network that includes 10 regional branches, 12 selected branches, 230 branches and 340 ATMs, Bankas SNORAS successfully strengthens its position in the Lithuanian market of retail banking, and continues to aggressively bring to market in the countries of the European Union.

SNORAS Bank is the fourth largest in Lithuania in terms of capital and the fifth largest by assets. Banking services used by more than 1 million customers. Motto - "My closest bank - reflects the bank's aspiration to become SNORAS close to every client. The main strategic directions of the Bank SNORAS:

  • Retail and corporate banking;
  • Expanding the range of services to companies of banking groups;
  • Investment banking and corporate finance.

Documents of legal entity (an offshore company) required to open an account

Documents required for opening an account:

Legal documents:
  • Copy of passport trustee acting on behalf of the company
  • Signature card and seal
  • Customer Questionnaire and the beneficial owner
  • Agreement to manage a bank account and the annexes thereto
  • Application for Payment Card
  • Other documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association or Charter
  • Documents confirming the appointment of a director (s)
  • Power of attorney (if the company is trustee and the account is managed by proxy)
  • Extract from the Register of Companies (Certificate of Good Standing) (for companies registered earlier than one year prior to submitting documents to the bank)
  • Extract from the Register of Companies (Certificate of Incumbency) (for companies registered earlier than one year prior to submitting documents to the bank, if I am or have been shareholders of changes in the composition of directors)

Forms and documents for account opening (the agreement to manage a bank account and the annexes thereto, the Customer Application signature card and seal application for a payment card and other documents) you can get at the bank, at the offices or by sending a request via e-mail . For additional information, upon request, provide employees of branches, representative offices and the central office of the bank.

When filling out the questionnaire, please consider the following:

  • All positions must be filled out questionnaires, all questions must be answered;
  • You must provide information on the whereabouts and mailing address of the company;
  • Provision of contact telephone number and email address. almost certainly. If a company has a web site, you must specify the address;
  • The questionnaire must provide detailed information about the company, indicating the origin of the company and activities that generate the company profits. It is desirable to provide prospective business plans. In that case, if the company is engaged in financial intermediation, transactions with securities lending with the involvement of third parties - to grant licenses for such activities. If a company invests its own funds - please indicate the source of their origin, as well as business, where investments are planned;
  • The questionnaire should provide information about business partners (companies' names, addresses, web pages, the scope of activities).

How to open a bank account Snoras?

The paperwork done in one of our offices. In Lithuania, absent foreign exchange controls, provision of supporting transaction documents (invoices, contracts) are not required at a constant cooperation. To open an account requires the existents of a trustee and a beneficiary in our office. We are authorized by a representative of the Bank Snoras and you'll be able to order:

  • - Euro, U.S. dollar and other currencies (through multi)
  • - Corporate debit cards - Visa, MasterCard;
  • - Anonymous debit cards-Noname Maestro
  • - Account maintenance fee - 200 euro per year;
  • - Commission for the translation - about 10-20 euros, regardless of the amount
  • - Account management via Internet Banking.

More information about the bank's tariffs are available on the website of the bank

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