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Sampo Bank (United Kingdom). Opening an account in Sampo Bank
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Founded in 1992. Original name of the Estonian Foreksbank. In 1996, merged with Raebankom in 1998 - with the Estonian investment bank. In December 1998, the Bank has received the name "Optiva." In 2000, Sampo Finance LTd acquires shares of Optiva Bank and 29 December 2000 the bank has the official name of Sampo Bank. 100% owner of the Bank is a Danish group Danske Bank.

Aizkraukles Bank (Latvia). Open an account at the Bank for offshore Aizkraukles
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Aizkraukles Bank (Aizkraukles Bank) is among the five largest commercial banks in Latvia, the main financial indicators - assets, equity capital, the volume of deposits. Aizkraukles Bank - a universal bank offering a wide range of modern banking services to businesses and individuals. The possibility of remote account management (fax, "Client-Bank╩, ╚Internet-Banking╩), competitive rates allocated to each customer of the bank three contacts - personal account managers (experience in the bank - not less than 3 years), the regime of the bank, as adapted to the needs of customers - all this is the basis for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation between the bank with its customers.

Snoras Bank (Lithuania). Open an account at the Bank for offshore Snoras
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SNORAS Bank is a member of one of the largest Russian financial group. When servicing the accounts of nonresidents to the fullest extent uchityvyyutsya features and suggestions for its clients and beneficiaries of the CIS. The Russian language is one of the official languages of the bank along with Lithuanian and English. Over 17 years of SNORAS has become one of the largest banks in Lithuania. Winner of the most extensive and modern in the country's territorial service network that includes 10 regional branches, 12 selected branches, 230 branches and 340 ATMs, Bankas SNORAS successfully strengthens its position in the Lithuanian market of retail banking, and continues to aggressively bring to market in the countries of the European Union.

Singapore banks. Opening an account in Singapore
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Singapore is one of the leading financial centers worldwide and major distribution hub of finance in Southeast Asia. Not surprisingly, the country has one of the most advanced banking systems in the world, numbering about 700 local and foreign banks and financial institutions that provide services ranging from consumer banking and asset management, and ending stock exchange, investment banking and specialized services strass. At the end of 2004, the domestic banking sector in Singapore consisted of assets / liabilities valued at about $ 230 billion dollars. Singapore's leading banks are ABN AMRO, Citibank, DBS, EychEsBiSi, OuEsBiSi, Standard Chartered and YUOB. The central bank in the country is the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which determines monetary policy, regulates banks and financial institutions and issue the currency. Despite the current lack of government-backed deposit insurance, MAS plans to establish such a system in the near future.
Banks in Lebanon. Opening an account in Lebanon
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Lebanon's banking system is stable and is characterized by a high degree of capital adequacy at about 19%, which is more than twice the level recommended by the Basel Committee (8%). Central Bank (BDL) and the Association of Banks established a committee to prepare the banking sector to meet the requirements of the Basel Committee (II) with respect to capital adequacy. With the support of the Central Bank of Lebanon's banking sector continues to consolidate. Over the past ten years there have been more than twenty-five mergers of banks, is expected to further mergers after Parliament approves the revised Law on merger of banks. Started in Lebanon, international companies such as BNP / Paribas, Credit Suisse First Boston, HSBC EsBiSi, Citibank and Merrill Lynch remain active. In many sectors, traditionally retain their positions wealthy families doing business. The Government aims to increase the transparency of such firms in order to further strengthen the nascent capital market and development process of corporatization.
Macao banks. Opening an account in Macao
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Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM) was established in 1989 as a quasi-central bank and has powers of control of the financial system of Macao. Law's financial system was launched in 1993 in the implementation of reforms aimed at prevention and the introduction of prudential rules for the control of licensing, qualification of shareholders and managers, evaluation of new operational risks and implementation of integrated supervision of financial groups. The law is based on the recommendations of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and activities of the European Union aimed at harmonizing the banking legislation based on the experience of countries and territories whose financial systems are similar to the financial system of Macao.

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